I was more known when I was more outgoing.
Succubus Stephanie

I first met Succubus Stephanie 5 or 6 years ago, but she has been in Second Life at least twice that time already and knows many people. Many of whom I have never met as well. She is one of Second Life early players: when she became an escort in 2006 she already had two years in SL behind her. Doors open for her that stay closed for others. Some of those doors are bedroom doors, it is said.
Stephanie meets me in the garden of the mainland house she built for her partner Sedri and herself, a reclusive place in the countryside.

Succubus Stephanie: Tsai, did your top go off?
Tsai Cheng: I crashed before, so it might.
Succubus Stephanie: Sedri, do you see Tsai with top?
Sedri: Her boobs are amazing.
Tsai Cheng: Damn.
Succubus Stephanie: okay YOUR TOP is off.
Sedri: No worries, you look awesome.
Tsai Cheng: Then I’ll need a picture. But maybe you have one already. Preferably sexy.
Succubus Stephanie: No, I didn’t make pictures for a long time. Sorry.
Tsai Cheng: So, we make one.
Succubus Stephanie: The person that made pictures for me, got a bit pissed at me. He found that my breasts were too small.
Sedri: Take your top off Succi, I want to see them.
Succubus Stephanie: Well …
Sedri: Wow. They arent small at all.
Tsai Cheng: No they aren’t.
Succubus Stephanie: What I think, as long as Sedri likes them, it is fine.
Tsai Cheng: Is my hair not rezzing?

Stephanie guided me into her living room. Sedri followed us and draped her legs over an armchair while she lazily listened to the interview.

Succubus Stephanie: This is our house, we got it a while ago to get away from the rest of SL. Just a place for me and sedri and my friends to visit.
Tsai Cheng: Yes, is it also because, as you said, you are less outgoing than in the past?
Succubus Stephanie: Yes, in the past I used to go to every party, of the well known clubs. Back then everyone used to know each other and I always got invited.
Tsai Cheng: And that is like, since 2006?
Succubus Stephanie: Yes, 2004 till 2008.
Tsai Cheng: Wow. So you have seen Secondlife evolve from the beginning?
Succubus Stephanie: Yes , I did, back then it was called Linden World. That was in 2003. I came to SL, to make a report about it for a well visited website. That was the beta testing grid. After 2008, I took a break in SL.
Succubus Stephanie: I met some of the old Linden crew and had two as friend as well. That was before they changed staff.
Tsai Cheng: Aha, they were amongst the large batch that was fired in 2009 or 2010 I guess?
Succubus Stephanie: Yes, indeed.
Tsai Cheng: You presently work as manager and escort for a large red light district, Street Whores – Town square. Have you been in that business for long?
Succubus Stephanie : Yes, I have been in the escort business since 2006. I started at a club called “The KitKat Club”. It was named after the famous club in Köln and Berlin. It was a club that got a lot of traffic as well. My plan was to start as Dancer but the owner of the club asked me to do some escorting to boost the traffic. Back then, there were a lot more people in SL and these days there are a lot less. So the traffic was much more higher than now. I sometimes couldn’t even get in the club because it was too full.
Tsai Cheng: How did you feel about starting as escort instead of as dancer?
Succubus Stephanie: I didn’t liked the idea at all to change my role from dancer to escort. It was something that I didn’t want at all. The money that I would get for it made me do it at some point.
Tsai Cheng: Once you got used to it, that changed?
Succubus Stephanie: No, not really. It took me a year to get used to that idea, but at a certain point in my life it also became a bit of something that I had to do. I lost some work in real life and I could fill that gap with the money that I earned from escorting.
Tsai Cheng: Do you still have clients that date back to those days?
Succubus Stephanie: No, I don’t have the same clients as now. I took a break in 2008 and because I had the feeling I wouldn’t return anymore, I removed everyone from my friend list. Funny thing is, that some of them come to the street and ask me if they can be my client again. Now and then some return, I think I made a unforgettable impression.

Tsai Cheng: Would you take them back?
Succubus Stephanie: If they ask, yes. Everyone is welcome. Unless they are completely rude. I changed my standards a bit over the years. Back then I took almost everyone. I don’t do that anymore. It must be a bit of fun to do for me as well.

Sedri gets up from her armchair and stretches. She says goodnight to her girlfriend and walks up to the bedroom.

Tsai Cheng: Do you think your RL experience helps you in Second Life?
Succubus Stephanie : Yes I think it kinda helps, but more on a social aspect. I have my own company in real and I know how to communicate and treat customers and let them feel comfortable. It probably also helped that I studied management and psychology. I get a lot of positive reactions from the customers. But then again, maybe they will just say anything to get into my knickers.
Tsai Cheng: Do you have any SL celebrities as client?
Succubus Stephanie: I have a few people that come to me, but that like to stay anonymously. They are also well-known in SL and some of them I still know from back then. These kind of private sessions, I usually do here in my house. So that other people won’t know about it.
Tsai Cheng: Discretion is key, I understand
Tsai Cheng: I bet some men would. On another subject: you built your treehouse and the cave down here yourself? You seem to have a great eye for detail. Do you create more in SL, houses, clothing?
Succubus Stephanie: Yes, I love to create things. I’m very artistic and it is one of the major things I enjoy. But I don’t like the feeling to get pressured. At the moment, I’m working on a new wrestle ring and a bed with mocap animations in it. This tree house though, I didn’t make that myself. Sedri and me bought it at the Laq store. We wanted to have the feeling that we are living in a fairy tale. I think we succeeded in that. In the past, I made buildings, cloths and all kind of props for around my old houses. I always had a sim or something similar to decorate.
Tsai Cheng: I think so too, a getaway from the men and women pulling the escort’s sleeves.
Succubus Stephanie: Yes, certainly. There are a lot of sweet and nice men and women that hire me for my services, but it also costs energy.
Tsai Cheng: Did you have a shop in the past?
Succubus Stephanie: Yes, there was a time that I had a shop. But I found it too stresfull to run it. All the customers from the shop and then you also have to create things regularly. When you want your shop to be succesfull, you have to make at least every month a few new objects. It burned me a bit up in the end. Since it was affecting my real life, I decided to stop with it.
Tsai Cheng: So now, you are back to escorting for the clients you like and a more laid back Second Life?
Succubus Stephanie: True, I try to balance it a lot more. Just to be sure that I have fun. It is sometimes a bit hard to do, because I have ADHD and I lose sometimes the attention for my surrounding.
Succubus Stephanie: I’m glad I have Sedri. That makes it a lot easier. It is funny, sometimes I’m so focused with building and then Sedri suddenly comes online. I don’t notice it. And then she suddenly sits on the object I’m building. Then I realize that I have gone too far already and should take a break. But I can’t easy let go of things because im also a perfectionist.
Succubus Stephanie: I must say it helps that she sits on the object and that I have to stop.

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