If chicanery, in and of itself were a virtual crime, Stroker Serpentine and his man-servant Turd Dust (uh…Hard Rust) would have been banned long ago. Unfortunately, the simple rigging of a Second Life contest where you pass out a few Lindens ain’t a ban-able offense. Well, this particular tale of backroom bargaining and bruised feelings begins with the usual suspects, Serpentine and Rust. It’s not Jumpy’s function to kick his enemies whilst they happen to be down. Jumpman Lane’s Slut Magazine AINT Jumpman Lane’s Revenge Machine…or IS IT?

Fuck it! Let’s dive in! Lumipro, a phototools maker decided to partner up with Stoker’sToys and The Hard Alley Social Club to have a little contest. Here’s the rules and prizes.

First of all what is a photo hunt? The idea is you pick a sim, and all contest entry photos must be taken on whatever Sim was chosen. For our very first photo hunt we will be using Vice Beach. You are welcome to use the entire sim is not just limited to the beach area.

Now let’s talk about those pesky rules:

All photos must be taken on Vice Beach or the other half of the sim Strokerz Toyz.
All contest entries must be submitted to the Fun in the Sun Flickr Group.
Entries will be accepted from September 3rd to September 18th (Any entries submitted before or after will not be accepted)
All of the entries must be RAW shots. (You are welcome to crop your photos, but no other post processing with programs such as Gimp and Photoshop is allowed.)
Please include your Second Life name in the description of your photos.
You can submit as many photos as you like.
The contest is open to everyone! Even people who haven’t tried LUMIPro yet can enter. So tell your friends!

And of course we can’t forget the awesome prizes!

The grand prize winner will receive 10,000 lindens and a custom single avatar mocap sponsored by Strokerz Toyz and LUMIPro.
The first Place winner will receive a gift certificate for the LUMIPro 2016 (winner of two consecutive Avi Choice Awards for Favorite Photography/Media Tool).
The second place winner will receive a custom couple pose sponsored by Strokerz Toyz.
The third place winner will receive a photo shoot sponsored by Hard Alley Social Club.

*All prizes are transferable*

I know you guys are going to do amazing! Please remember that all rules must be followed for an entry to be valid. Also if you use an in world filter, it is not required, but if he can let us know in the description it would be appreciated.

Don’t forget the contest ends on the 18th, and tell your friends!

The contest proceeded. At the prize announcement party. Spirit Rust was heard to complain than none of the Hard Alley judge’s votes would count. The final winners would be a result of a unilateral decision between Stroker and the two Lumipro people. They awarded the top three winners on the spot.

A week later, after much outcry from the contestants, Lumipro announced NEW winners on their website. Lumipro attempted to gloss over the fiasco.


I never like to get too serious when we do fun things like this, but I felt it was important to talk to you guys. I wanted to let everyone know that some of the winners had to be adjusted due to a few disqualifications. There was also a rumor started about the contest. I want to reassure everyone that any rumors are completely fabricated. Bringing you guys not only fun but fair events is important to us as well as our co-sponsors. Like any contest in Real Life or Second Life not everyone can always ”win”, but isn’t part of the fun getting to share your work with the community? I would hope that if anyone ever had questions or concerns they would contact me. We really would like to continue to do events like this in the future. Well enough of that…
Sammie Ansar (SamoanHoneyPot), Lumipro

Lumipro shifted the blame from the contest sponsors (themselves, Stroker’s Toys, and The Hard Alley Social Club) onto the contestants, citing some vague rules violations. This was not a stuffed ballot- online poll. This was a contest decided by a jury of judges. Any irregularities are the fault of the JUGDES. Could those charged with judging a photo contest TRULY be expected NOT to be able to spot photos deemed unworthy of winning BEFORE announcing winners. Did they REALLY have to snatch the TRANSFERABLE prizes from the first set of winners (adding insult to injury) because THEY, the sponsors couldn’t be counted on to follow their own rules? It smells-just reeks; but, of what?

I unno nothing bout these Lumipro tards. Yet, Stroker Serpentine and Hard Rust are twin turds I’ve flushed before. I know how their Simple Simon minds work. Turd Alley is no more. Vice Beach looks like something from 2006. (Yus, Corsi Mousehold and Jumpy lurked over there on alts to laugh one day and we KEEP people watching YOU! Our spies are everywhere)!

A contest might help drive traffic to that empty sim. Yet, a scandal is like free advertising. Stroker is an old pro at publicity stunts. His fake exit from Second Life is a classic example. The damn dummy promised Jumpy a body during his public meltdown and suicide scare. All we got was his stinking ass back, and more of his old tricks.

We say, “FUCK Stroker Serpentine and every motherfucker with him!” If you want to be played like a fool. Roll with him on his turdhole sim. “Fuck that Ball Lick Hard Rust!” He spend too much time on his KNEES for me. Rez some balls and make your own lights. Fuck Lumipro too.

See if you lay down with dogs. You come up with fleas. Stroker built an industry shitting Briggi Bard, Corsi Mousehold, and Craig Altman with SexGen. Then, when he was done with them he released THEIR WORK FULL PRIM into the wild. Sex crap is so cheap to this DAY because Stroker Serpentine released BRIGGI BARD’S SCRIPTS full perm to the world. I cannot stress this enough. Associate with these ass clowns at your own peril.

This shit really pisses me off, Rust and Serpentine at it STILL. Well for noobs and the uninitiated here’s a reminder of Slut Magazine’s principles..

My Declaration Of Principles


I will provide the people of this grid with a monthly magazine that
will present sex and sexuality and all the beauty of our virtual world
in all clarity, in all simplicity, entertainingly, without a single
concession to any special interest ANYWHERE.


I will also provide them with a fighting and tireless champion of
their rights as residents and

And Jumpy meant that shit! It’s only icing on the cake that Jumpman Lane’s Slut Magazine IS Jumpman Lane’s Revenge Machine! Hehehehe
We still watching these fools. Never fear! 🙂