“A beautiful woman uses her lips for Truth, her voice for Kindness, her ears for Compassion, her hands for Charity and her heart for Love. For those who do not like her, she uses Prayer.” And that’s just the beginning… She is also like no other. She is extremely photogenic, possessing a look that is both beautiful and unique — she stands out from everyone else; She is dedicated to her craft; She possesses superb modeling skills and knows how to sell an outfit and captivate an audience. Will YOU become our next MISS VIRTUAL WORLD? $l00, 000 Lindens and [a] Crown!!! Only 20 ladies will be accepted.-Miss Virtual World 2017 Press Release

Twenty women vie for the title Miss Virtual World 2017. One Hundred Thousand Linden dollars and a crown are in the balance. Best of Second Life Magazine once again (as it does annually, TWICE) thrusts some hopeful upon the scene and into Second Life society with sudden celebrity, instant wealth, and a TITLE forever appended to their name, steeped in sheer gravitas: The title of WINNER becomes an agnomen.

BOSL’s pageant is no popularity contest. It is not some rigged poll. The battery and sequence of events necessary to snatch the crown from the mitts of the score of fellow contestants requires skill, grace, and courage.

Jumpy has seen many step out of the mists of obscurity into the bright light of legend. (Must we really say the name Jennnnna Jameson again?) We have also borne witness to hubris and the graceless fall of so many from the precipitous heights of fame. (Yes, once more we mouth the words Stroker and Serpentine, as watchwords of caution to the vainglorious!)

Consider Crista Wellens. Known to many in the fashion world as a first rate stylist, model, and photographer, Crista led the charge of expanding her aesthetic into the world of Second Life pornography. While others in High Fashion bickered about whether posing nude was or was not detrimental to a modeling career, Wellens not only shot pornstars CLOTHED, she posed NUDE on the cover of Slut Magazine, earning very real cash AND cachet in the exchange. Partee Mytili, Larry Vinaver, Ashley Sugarplum, Rache Avro, Pussy Galore, and Porn Icon Jennnnna Jameson herself have all been STYLED and shot by the fashionista.

This is no small thing to note. When the biggest names in SL porn, all very beautiful people, after mere contact with Crista all make very real strides in the Fashion arena, it is not improper to say, “Crista Wellens influenced Porn’s Glittarati’s Fashion Invasion.” Rache Avro was one of Attention Magazine’s founding members (whether her co-founders choose to admit it or not). Attention, though sex-filled is not precisely porn. Partee Mytili serves as its FASHION editor. Larry Vinaver, Porn’s Best Dressed Man, who oozed style before, added TASTE and is now dividing his time between porn AND fashion shoots. These are but A FEW examples. We could go on and on and on endlessly. The trend of Second Life practitioners adding “Fashion Model” to their list of virtual activities is taken most seriously as pornstars are walking the walk, looking the part, and creating WORKS which can stand side by side with ANY haute couture creations. Crista did that!

Now, Crista Wellens has entered this years Miss Virtual World contest. We, at Slut Magazine hope she wins. She is deserving. Yet, Wellens does not necessarily need to WIN. If Crista disappeared tomorrow, her legacy is secured. Again, she was a driving force in the wedding of the Fashion and Porn industries. If she does win MVW 17, it would be one more legendary exploit of a prime mover in Second Life on par with the likes of BigJohn Jade who invented the SL club, Briggi Bard who created the sex engine, and Marilyn Murphy who formed the first Second Life porn publication.

So, most faithful of Slut Mag Faithful keep your gaze locked on Crista Wellens. ROOT for her in this years Miss Virtual Worlds. It is not often one witnesses the rise of a star. It is not often one is privileged enough to be present at the birth of greatness.