Families have always been “a thing” in Second Life, just like marriage. In that way, the bonds of love in our virtual world mirror those of the real world. One, merely has to read a few in-world profiles to see loving paeans to an SL sister or SL mother. Second Life was scandalized when a then famous sex-bed maker went on National TV IN REAL LIFE to brag about very incestuous sexual relations with his virtual daughters. Familial ties strike a real cord in SL.

Stroker Serpentine fled Second Life and spent his time eating buggers and solving puzzles in the puzzle factory due to the backlash of outraged residents whose sensibilities were affronted on the home front. Forming families is important in SL.

The Jameson Family, headed by Best of Second Life Magazine’s Reign Jameson is SL Fashion’s First Family. When one pivots to the world of SL Porn, The Sugarplums are the “family on the rise.”

The Sugarplum clan spawns twins. Slut Mag Covergirl Ashley Sugarplum, the Sugarplum of Sugarplums has an identical twin sister named Lilly Bell. Lilly herself is mother to fraternal twin sisters Saleena and Phoebe. All are hot!

There are more Sugarplums out there apparently. As they move to take over SL porn and make their mark in SL society, Slut Mag will keep an eye on these nascent luminaries, JUST to keep YOU The Slut Mag Faithful in the know. Enjoy!