Slut Magazine’s new Copy Editrix goes behind the scenes at Slut Mag Hq, letting you most faithful of Slut Mag Faithful get a glimpse of what it means to be in the service of the King of Second Life. Jumpman Lane is a KANG! We brought you the very special pictorial, Tatusia and a King which showed you the WHAT. Just in case pictures do not tell the story, this expose from one of our best wordsmiths should satisfy you! Enjoy!


Everything looked the same; everything felt the same as Tatu skipped home in her usual way from cheer practice. Through the hazy, sunny streets of the late afternoon she bounced, her loose blonde pigtails floating in the air. Her sizeable chest fought against the restraints of her tight sweater and her little, pink, pleated skirt whipped up around her full ass cheeks flashing a glimpse of her cute white cotton panties to anyone who would look as she hurried home.
But today there was an extra sparkle of excitement in her big, wide, blue eyes. Today was her big day! She giggled to herself and hummed a happy tune as she wondered what tonight would bring. She thought surely tonight there would be cards? And gifts? And maybe even a party?!

In a giddy, bubbly world of her own, she didn’t notice the car moving slowly a few steps behind her, its engine barely making a sound as it seemed to float slowly along the street. Only the crunch of rubber tyres trundling over gravel made her turn, and she saw it as it edged alongside her, stopping her in her tracks as she first glanced, then stared wide-eyed in awe, taking in how looooooooooong it was, how black the windows of the stretch limousine were.
She stood gawping; looking at the expensive, luxurious vehicle that was so obviously not owned by anyone in THIS neighborhood, her head spinning as she wondered who on earth could be inside. The whir of an electric window sliding down broke through her thoughts before an official-sounding female voice from inside the car shook her with surprise.

“Happy eighteenth birthday, Miss Tatusia”, it said without emotion. “We have a special delivery for you”, as a slender, perfectly manicured hand stretched out from behind the mirrored glass toward her, offering her what looked like a letter in an ornate envelope.
Knowing why cars usually slowed to a walking pace around here, and having been propositioned on several occasions, she was wary to move closer. But her curiosity and nervous excitement got the better of her, like they had before, as she tentatively edged forward to take it, her tiny fingers shaking as she grasped the letter and ran them over an elaborate red wax seal. The voice came from the car again, almost mocking her lack of appreciation,
“It’s a royal seal, Miss Tatusia. It seems you have attracted some rather important attention. Would you care to join us?”, and a car door swung open.

Tatu read, feeling like she was in a whirlwind, dazed even, as she tottered toward and climbed into the unknown darkness of the back of the limo without a thought for her own safety. With big excited wide eyes her lips moved as she breathily gasped each line,

“His Royal Highness the King cordially invites
Miss Tatusia Snowflake
a private audience at our most royal palace, Dawson House
to commemorate this most special day”


She could barely hear anything over the noise of her heart beating so quickly in her chest. Her lungs filled and emptied quickly and erratically making her chest heave as she read the royal invitation over and over again. Her eyes flickered from the paper to the guards in the car with her. A man and a woman, both in dark suits, both wearing dark shades. Her face beamed with wonder and excitement, unable to contain her giggles as she read then looked at them, at their expressionless, emotionless faces.

Her head raced as fast as the buildings that raced past the car as it sped through the streets, unable to make any sense of it, why she had been chosen, as she was quickly whisked from her run-down neighborhood to a whole new world. It was all her dreams come true! For years now she’d been enchanted by the king; she’d often hung around outside the palace in the hope of a glimpse of him and she’d followed his every move in the media.

She blushed and squirmed as she sat in the luxurious leather car seat, squeezing together her thick thighs, feeling a moistness between her legs as she remembered those times she would lay in bed at night and touch herself looking at the paparazzi images of him naked on his yacht, imagining it was his fingers and more exciting her young body as she fantasized of sharing such intimate encounters with him. But now! Now it was really going to happen!

The huge cast-iron gates swung open as if by magic as the car approached. Tatu felt like her world had been turned upside down as she gazed up through the car window at the biggest house she had ever seen. Dawson House seemed to glimmer in the late afternoon sunshine, bright orange-yellow rays glinting and bouncing off huge glass windows, marbled floors and polished metal.

She imagined fanfares playing as she pictured herself climbing the impressive staircase to the overbearing main entrance door of the house, so was a little disappointed when the car veered to the side of the house and disappeared below into an underground garage.
Things got scarier as she was taken, almost bundled like luggage, from the car, and told that security policy demanded she had to be searched. She’d seen this on movies so she wasn’t overly surprised, just thought it was weird as she couldn’t possibly be hiding anything under her skimpy cheer outfit.

But she barely noticed, distracted by the excitement and anticipation of meeting her King, as the male guard stood behind her and lifted her arms, and female hands smoothed over her tight sweater, over her hips, slid under her short pleated skirt. Only the feel of fingers pushing into her mound over her moist cotton panties brought her tiny spinning mind back into the now. But, before it fully registered what had just happened, the stern female voice came again,

“She’s clear.” and added with a smirk, “And ready.” and with that Tatu was led quickly and forcefully out of the cold darkness of the garage, through a door into beautiful sun-lit garden.

“Follow the steps down”, growled the deep voice of the male guard, speaking for the first time, “He’s expecting you. Don’t keep him waiting.”


Her heart pounded as her eyes re-adjusted to the sunlight and she edged her way tentatively down the curved steps, peering curiously and nervously around corners as she went. The further she went the louder the trickling sound of water became, until the steps opened up into the most beautiful tree-lined water garden.
At its center was a beautiful fountain in the middle of a pool surrounded with expensive looking marble statues. And there, at the far side of the pool, was the grandest throne. And sat upon it was her idol, the subject of all her desires and fantasies, her most beautiful, beloved King.

She gasped audibly as she saw him in person for the very first time. Her heart pounded even harder and faster and her legs wobbled like jelly as she jumped back out of sight and stood trembling. Over the sound of the water, a chuckled laugh made her lean forward and peer again, to see him grinning at her as he chewed on a cigar stub, his hand raised, beckoning her.

“Come!” he laughed, the sound of his voice reducing her to a shaking quivering mess, “Come let us see our birthday girl”, and his eyes fixed on hers. As scared as she was she couldn’t disobey, edging closer in an almost trance-like state. All she could see where his eyes, so piercing blue they hypnotized her, those and the sun kissing his beautiful blonde hair.

“my Lord, my King, I’m honored. I don’t know why… why me, Sir?!” she babbled and stumbled over her words, just as she stumbled over her feet as she failed to approach with elegance. Elegance had never been her strong point but she tried, copying the curtsying action she had seen a girl do in an old, romantic movie she once watched.
“Please, no need” he said, dismissively waving a hand. “I know you’ve followed me, Miss Tatusia. I’ve been following you too!” he grinned, “I have seen your ‘beauty’ when you dance. Dance for me now, Tatusia, let our royal eyes feast on your… skills”.

And as strange as it felt, she danced. A happy birthday dance as she hummed along her happy-day tune. She bent and twirled and bounced and jiggled for all she was worth, not wanting to disappoint Him. And he sat, and watched, grinning as he chewed his cigar. The sight of her full breasts bouncing and her full ass cheeks wobbling as her skirt flew up made his royal cock swell. But it was more the power and control he had, the ability to make this dumb little toy do anything he pleased, that stiffened him even further until he was rock hard and throbbing.

She brought her dance to a grand finale, legs split wide as she dropped to the floor, panting and gasping from her efforts to please, her face beaming up at him. She giggled excitedly when she heard his applause, looking up at him with big, blue, innocent eyes and watched him slowly rise to his feet.


As he stood, his regal robes fell to his sides, exposing his Adonis-like body as shadows from the sun dappling through the leafy trees danced across his tattooed skin, making it seem even more ornate. He had the most taught, toned, god-like body she could imagine, and as her eyes drifted lower they devoured the sight of the biggest, hardest cock she could ever have imagined. Watching her face drop in shock, reading her thoughts, his eyes shifted down to his huge, thick, pulsating shaft.

“Oh this?” he chuckled, looking down before meeting her eyes again “we call this The Royal Sceptre. Come accept your royal gift, sweet Tatusia.” But she sat, frozen, staring wide-mouthed, not knowing what to do. He wouldn’t be her first by any means, but this just wasn’t the romantic encounter she’s dreamt of; this wasn’t how she thought Kings behaved! She’d imagined being treated like a princess!

All the same, she was transfixed, mesmerized. She realized then she was destined to be a slut, and she always had been. But at least now she would be a royal slut! Perhaps even a famous slut! Not just another slut from the wrong side of town, and the thought of this excited her wildly. She was still sitting, spread-legged, but now she was pressing her mound into the floor, the pressure sending little jolts of pleasure through her moist pussy. And her mouth was flooding with her drool as she imagined the taste and feel of his immense royal cock filling her small young mouth.

He never moved; he knew he wouldn’t need to. His intuition was soon proved right when she could resist no longer, moving to her knees, crawling slowly to him. Her gaze fixed firmly on his twitching, pulsating shaft making her cross-eyed as she approached close enough to smell his masculine musk, inhaling deeply and filling her lungs with his exquisite perfume. A drop of pre-cum had formed at his very tip, the sunlight sparkling through it as if it were a precious jewel, hypnotizing her, commanding her to stretch out her tongue and catch this drop of nectar with its tip.

The taste of him was like a drug to her, a drug that she was instantly addicted to, and one that she knew she could never live without. It seemed to drain her tiny brain of any thought as she tasted and she purred like a kitten as his pre-cum glossed her lips.
Suddenly she was frantic with thirst, so greedy for him! Her soft full lips where everywhere all at once, all over his swollen cock, pressing and kissing his tip, then parting as her tongue stretched out and traced around the rim of his head. She groaned and whimpered in pleasure as she kissed and licked and nibbled down the full length of his shaft, feeling it throb under her drooling mouth. She moaned louder feeling the weight of his big full balls as she lapped and licked and lifted his crown jewels with the flat of her tongue.
She sensed this pleased him as she heard air rasp from his nostrils and let out a long, low growl as she took each of his big, heavy full balls into her hot wet hungry mouth and sucked, and lapped with her inquisitive tongue. So the feel of his fists suddenly in her hair surprised her, and she gasped loudly as he yanked back her head and forced his cock roughly between her wide-parted lips.

Her groans vibrated around him as he stretched her jaw as his cock filled her mouth. Her groans turned into whimpers as he tightened his grip on her hair and plunged himself deep into her throat. Her body heaved and her throat gagged as he buried every inch of his long, thick, hard meat and held it there, turning her into a slobbering, tear-streaked mess.
“Yes, take it”, he growled, an amused excitement in his deep voice, “take all of our Royal Sceptre deep in your greedy, slutty throat”, his words barely registering on her conscious mind as she started to panic, unable to breathe. But her pussy dripped, the fear only adding to her excitement.


Just as soon as she thought that it (that she) might end like this he fell back, slumping back onto his throne, pulling her with him, over him. Her head span as she sank onto him, feeling his Kingly meat pushing through her swollen folds, opening her dripping hole and filling and stretching her as she impaled herself fully on the royal sceptre. Her head fell back, her eyes rolling back in their sockets as her lips parted in a long, delirious moan,
“Ohh my god! Ohhh my KING!”

He simply sat back and grinned around the cigar stub in his teeth, enjoying her youthful tightness surround him as she sank deeper, watching with amusement as her body stiffened then began to shake uncontrollably as she rode his cock with her slippery pussy. Within seconds she was flooding and squirting her juices, covering them both, her lips squelching around his thickness as she creamed along the length of his hard, thick shaft.

Fireworks seemed to explode in her head as she erupted in the most intense orgasm. Waves of ecstasy crashed over her and into her, and she was still riding them as she felt herself being lifted and laid back in the ornate royal throne. His cock stayed buried deep in her as her body writhed, his weight dropped on her, her arms and legs flailing as his relentless plunging cock kept her a quivering, slobbering, soaking mess.

He was like a machine, lunging time after time, fucking her faster and harder and pushing her back into the chair, deeper and deeper and hammering her poor defenseless pussy, making her body bounce and her face wince in pain through the intense pleasure. The head of his cock hammered her cervix as the immense power of his lunging pressed her against the soft velvet material.

His animalistic passion shoved and lifted her over the arm of the throne and her arms flapped madly as she thought she would fall. She barely noticed his cock slip out of her pussy and with one expert movement he pushed it long, and hard, fully into her tight ass when he lunged forward again. She would have screamed with the intense pain but couldn’t even breathe, her eyes wide and bulging as she stared up at him.

“Oh yesssss Tatusia! ALL your holes belong to me!” he growled down at her.

She felt her mouth stretch open as his cock stretched her asshole wide, tears streaming down her face as she cried in agony and ecstasy as he rammed his cock harder and deeper into her tight asshole. The sensations mingled in her mind until she couldn’t separate pleasure and pain, gasping and gulping at him, encouraging him now, begging for more.

“Fuck my ass please my King! Honor my ass with your amazing cock!” she screamed, gritting her teeth, riding the pain, loving being used. “Ohh. God. Yessss. Hurt. Meeeee.” she grunted, her words punctuated by each thrust as she slammed her hips back to meet his thrusts, each one spanking her full ass cheeks, making them bounce and sting.
His cock seemed to stretch her further as she felt him engorge more, nearing his explosion, making her scream in desperation for it, and she watched his piercing blue eyes widen as she begged, “Pleeease! Pleeease may I have your cum deep in my ass?!”, and she started to cum again as his body tensed, his balls lifted and tightened in their sac and his cock exploded, filling and splattering the insides of her ass with rope after rope of his hot, sticky, royal cum.

“Happy birthday, my sweet royal slut” his voice growled as he came, before pulling out of her and standing back, eyeing with satisfaction the quivering wreck of a girl, draped over the arm of his throne, his cum dribbling from her puckered ass hole and running down the insides of her thick thighs. “A servant will be along to clean you up and show you to your quarters”, he said, almost dismissively as slipped his robe back over his shoulders and nonchalantly strode away.
Tatusia clung to the throne, her body still shaking with the aftershock of her final orgasm. The King was too far away to hear by the time she had summoned enough air to breathe and whisper,
“All my holes, my King. Forever.”

Tatusia Snowflake (tatusiu)
Tatusia Snowflake (tatusiu)Slut Magazine Copy Editrix
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