Slut Mag Society Editrix Tsai Cheng took her “kid’ Whotter (an otter she adopted) on a little tour of some SL B-day sims or dumps. She was more passing the time than showing the slut Mag Flag; but her blog sends Jumpy into hysterics hehehe. READ this shit and check out her many misadventures on the ice cold streets of Second Life!

Kids need to go out every once in a while. So, in between 2 ‘dates’ I decided to take Whotter to SL13B. It’s hard to believe that Second Life is already 13 years old. Where did the time go?

We went to a central place at first, called the Cake Stage, where there were lots of candy-coloured things around. Everything was shaped in what I call a ‘neo-pixel style’. It reminds of the early days of computer games, when I was still a very small kid. Whotter loved it. While he ran about and clapped his hands I got us a pair of hats.

Then we walked into other parts of the exhibition, through forests of pixel trees. It gave me the impression of my first days in Second Life, when the metaverse still seemed like a very large place, where you could wander on forever. It feels so much smaller now, after all those years.

Next Whotter wanted to walk by the Adventure to Mars, which was a model of a Mars Lander, inspired on the SpaceX Red Dragon lander and the film The Martian. The exhibit as a whole is inspired on NASA’s ‘Mars Explorers Wanted’ posters.

It was also nice to see that Giant Snail Racing was represented. I haven’t visited it in ages, but the few times I have seen it it was outright hilarious. RacerX Gullwing has been organising these weekly races in Second Life for many years now.

After this we walked by the Sci-Fi Alliance, which built a funny neo-communist modernist building, with a logo that could have been taken from a Soviet monument.

Hayabusa Designs made a nice sci-fi artwork that consisted of a few balls with maple trees in them, red leaves and lots of movement. It was kind of hard to make a nice picture of it, but it’s the kind of thing I would expect a Japanese artist to make. It was called a ‘Japanese Maple Nursery’.

There is never enough time of course to visit all of these regions, so I guess they will be gone by the time I am about to visit them for the last time to complete my tour. Just have a look for yourself, or enjoy my pics and those of others.-Tsai Cheng – Second Life Escort

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