Recently, we redid The Gold Turd, our award we used to give to that special someone who was conspicuously turdy in Second Life. This month’s winner is none other than Saveme Oh, the second most famous SL artist and the second most famous Oh. For a complete history of this sap please read SaveMe Oh: Second Life’s Second-Famous Artist, Second-Famous Oh, Feature Interview.

The Gold TurdSaveme wins this month’s award for CONTINUING to copy Jumpman Lane’s style; yet CONTINUOUSLY getting it wrong. While Jumpy has been banned from Second Life (twice and PROUD of it), Saveme Oh has merely been suspended and thinks that somehow makes her cool. Saveme styles herself a griefer; but at the first hint of punishment she bursts into ACTUAL tears and begs all and sundry for forgiveness. She wages POINTLESS wars with artists, with ARTISTS (hehehehe) all the while pretending the dreck she “creates” is art and maintains that anyone (with a brain) who calls doodie a turd is out to get her. Sim owners holding artsy events usually are the main object of Saveme’s ire. Seems to us, anyone who is an ACTUAL artist would create ACTUAL art and be lionized by the very people she goes out of her way to antagonize. Saveme Oh is Slut Magazine’s Shitball of the Month because she is yet another poser in the art world who cannot create ART but seeks to sneak-thief the recognition true artists deserve. Shame on her!

Past winners of The Golden Turd for being Slut Magazine’s Shitball of the Month have included Prokofy Neva (who abuse reported Jumpy upon receipt of his award), Hard Rust (multiple winner), Stroker Serpentine (of course!), a turd named Govi Callisto ( a guy so tardy “just like Govi Callisto” was a mortal insult back in 2007), just to name a few. The only person actually cool enough to accept her’s publicity was caLLie cLine who posted hers on her Flickr page whilst pointing out that we had misspelled “shitball” all these many years. Hopefully, Saveme Oh will accept hers.