So our sexy do-it-all diva SufferingFrom Lockjaw rebuilt her Club Vixens, and on Oct 14th, she threw a huge party to celebrate its reopening.

I pinned down Suff to learn about her vision when establishing Vixens….

“Club Vixens was started in mid-2014 as a surprise present from my sweet husband, James. “Vixen” is one of his nicknames for me, and he knew I had been dreaming about starting a club for over a year beforehand, so he made it happen.

“We’ve run it off and on as a nightclub, and this year decided to further our plans of rebuilding it and making it into a live venue and nightclub, showcasing both popular and new live singers and musicians, and also having DJs come play:)

“The main goal of Club Vixens is to make a club that is the kind of place I as a singer dreamt of performing at: elegant yet comfortable, erotic yet tasteful, rich yet simple. I like to believe that my vision is fully on display by both the performances we will have on the stage, and the beautiful artwork we have framed on the walls from SL photographers and artists who have given permission to show off their work.
It’s a little slow on starting, but I believe it will become quite popular before too long.”

Everyone looked amazing and the live performances by Cryptic Harmony and Toxic Darkmatter were to die for.

With a mix of live singers and DJ’s, this is sure to be a hot spot for A-Listers and casual alike.

You can come check out the club here. You will also find the Erotipose Flagship store and the Hunt for Your Inner Slut Headquarters.

Remember to check out my Flickr stream here.  I’ve been playing around with WL settings and I think you will just love the results.

Until next month lovies. Stay safe and stay sexy.

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