Well, Second Life’s Glitterti turned out for a good cause during MadPeas SL-Celeb auction this past weekend (9-25 thru 9-27).  The event was only marred by griefers in a minor way. Day two a dancing monkey hopped on the stage so seemlessly, that he seemed part of the show. On the last day, after noted fashionista caLLie cLine auctioned off the event holders, some quickly ejected Brit cursed in voice for a few moments. Otherwise the event was drama-free…except a few moments filled with the UNDERCURRENT of drama.

Day one: Jumpman Lane and Stroker Serpentine Share the Same Sim for the First Time in Years

I ain’t seen that turd in the pixels since sometime in late 2010; yet, who is the first SL-Celeb but Ol’ Stroker. Long gone is the mangy mullet and the skin-tight leather pants. Who knows if he still has the micro-penis and the bear rug chest hair. (Maybe his SL daughter know hehehehe). Stroker had on a SUIT!  I strolled up and said, “BOO!” Caws I’m mean and stuff. He doubtlessly had me muted. GRID re re Djquad Radio proceeded to bump Stoker endlessly just for giggles. I lectured DJ on the Art of Subtlety; but, I fear much was missed in a sea of giggling.

Later that day, Stroker Serpentine RETURNED. He appeared quite  the maudlin tard, still sniffing for virtual hugs, ever playing the victim, as he quietly rezzed in a far off corner.  Rezzed his daughter, gf, wife or midget or w/e and danced off by himself. I told Corsi Mousehold how broken Stroker seemed. Oh well. Time heals all wounds, even psychological ones.

All I ever did was try to save the tards life.

He ain’t dead. Great job Jumpy.