Pixeleen Mistral Limps Away from Second Life

Denied the honor and glory of having her head knocked clean off by some nameless Linden or faceless support Scout wielding The Linden Lab Ban Hammer,  during some grand griefer global jello-pudding pop raid, Pixeleen Mistral shrugged, and simply walked away from Second Life. You see, Pix was a griefer, nothing more, start to finish. Deep in her bosom festered an all abiding hatred for Philip Linden, Second Life, Linden Lab and all it’s residents that stemmed from her failure to create her on viable virtual world.  It’s no accident that under her tenure as editrix of the Alphaville Herald, that shabby little rag grew shabbier, abandoning its pretense at covering news, and adopting the pose of public relations-NO CHIEF PROPAGANDA organ for whatever Tizzers Foxchase-led griefer group was en vogue at the time. One doesn’t become an apologist to the extent Pixeleen was. Every article was a griefer apologia. Every raid witnessed was a participation. Make no mistake in this. Pix WAS a griefer.

Pixeleen Mistral
Pixeleen MistralAlphaville Herald editrix and news doodoo
In October 2006, the avatar Pixeleen Mistral — an online representation of news idoru Pixeleen Mistral — became Managing Editor. One year later, the Editrix began her watch at the Herald’s helm. Sadly, now gone from Second Life leaving The Herald un-updated since 14/12/13 at 11:12 pm

Pixeleen’s method was to use The Herald as a platform to TROLL all of Second Life. By, twisting every post to lionize whatever day-old alt-of-the-day Tizzers was forced to adopt, what ever mask The Woodbury University griefers had to don, Pix snarked and tarded about spitting a steady stream of venom designed to KILL THE JOY of every resident in Second Life.

The Woodburries became The Wrong Hands. Mass ban followed mass ban.
Still Pixeleen soldiered on. Then came The My Lil Pony Ban. Hiding in the decidedly wierdie Bronie group, wearing wierdie little pony avis, Tizzers (with the help of Intlibber Brautigan) dug in deep to once again deep to spread grief grid-wide. Pixeleen produced a tide of pro-griefer trash, panning Linden Lab, bashing Corsi Mousehold, praising content thief Stroker Serpentine, even stirring up animus towards ME.  The sheer volume of the stories (around the time of CheerGirl Allen’s JLU War and Stroker Serpentine’s public mental collapse)- the sheer VOLUME of these articles was ASTOUNDING. It’s a wonder if Pixeleen Mistral even SLEPT then.

THEN, came The Third Woodbury Ban along with real life FBI raids of suspected Anonymous hackers. That slowed down the whole “griefing is COOL” pose these “hacktivsts” were tarding about the innanet effecting and thier fellow-travelers (like Pix)  were aping. The griefers went underground. Pix left. A chummy little meeting with the President of Duke University turns chilly, quick if you’re escorted off campus by a little squad of Dupes (Duke University Public Safety-campus COPS! YUS! Jumpy went to Duke goddamnit!)

Do not think for a moment that the griefers are gone. Quite the contrary. Couple weeks ago I was chilling by my infinity pool at my Juro custom home with my former Editrix in Chief and the current Publisher of Slut Magazine Ms. Can Flo (candace.flossberg) when we got a visit from a pair of day-old-alts masquerading as mainland explorers.
Note the sidebar to see what transpired:

It’s a wonder these saps even bother. I’m the WORST troll-bait after YEARS of flame wars in The Old Second Life Forums (to name one forum), countless Twitter Wars, Second Life Wars etc etc ad nausem, ad infinitum.  What SAPS hehehe. Well Canneh WAS bored. Such depths to have sunk…once grand griefers. Yet, what becomes of Pixeleen.

The curious FINALLY noticed that Pixeleen has poofed. It only took five years. Qie Nagano, an old pal who keeps a weather eye on happenings in Second Life was updating me on grid-wide goings on and mentioned a thread in The New SL forums where folks wondered aloud, “Where oh where is Pixeleen Mistral?”  The original poster even asked if I might know (misspelling my most noble and regal Legacy Name LANE in a most tardy way mimicking that unflushed turd Stroker Serpentine who to his credit regained his senses in a moment of suicidal clarity and proclaimed me KING of Second Life with was to have been his dying breathe).

I don’t know what’s become of Pixeleen Mistral. Probably STILL in a drunken stupor celebrating Duke’s National Championship; but who knows, perhaps Pix is a hater through and through on top of being a nerd.  Hehehe. However, I tell you what. Jumpy is going to find out… and then you’ll know, most faithful Slut Mag Readers.

[17:05] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): We know Pixeleen has a guiding hand in this.
Kal-El (kalel.venkman, JLU, Griefer Bane
[17:06] Jumpman Lane: caws they are good copy lol
[17:06] Jumpman Lane: thats why they pal around with them
[17:07] Jumpman Lane: wouldnt say pix is a griefer or griefs with them but they are good copy
Jumpman Lane (jumpman.lane), The King of Second Life

We Got Griefed!!!

[21:49] MystiTool HUD 2.0.2: Entering chat range: Emuisshere (19m)[21:50] MystiTool HUD 2.0.2: Entering chat range: Castitatis (19m)[21:50] Castitatis: Hello.[21:50] Castitatis: Hola?[21:50] Jumpman Lane: HI[21:51] Jumpman Lane: WHATS UP :)[21:51] Emuisshere: how are you the king?[21:51] Jumpman Lane: u look like tizz[21:51] Jumpman Lane: i buried the last one[21:51] Castitatis: Hello. Miss Lady Woman[21:52] Jumpman Lane: shes takin a dump irl hehehe[21:52] Emuisshere: tmi[21:52] мrѕ. canғlo: oh thanks[21:52] Jumpman Lane: its what he doin hehehe[21:52] Jumpman Lane: she hehehe[21:52] мrѕ. canғlo: awesome[21:52] Castitatis: Where’s she takin’ it?[21:52] Castitatis: To the toilet I hope[21:53] Jumpman Lane: i unno on her toilet hehehe[21:53] мrѕ. canғlo: i did take it in my bathroom[21:53] Emuisshere: so back up, how did you become the king[21:56] Jumpman Lane: i thought ya’ll were all banned[21:56] Emuisshere: is there a story there[21:57] Jumpman Lane: u tell me hehehe[21:57] Castitatis: Can you regale us with the tale of heroism that took place[21:57] Jumpman Lane: im sure you recall it hehehe[21:57] Emuisshere: idk.. I have never heard of you before.. highness[21:57] Jumpman Lane: but ill link ya[21:57] Castitatis: D:[21:57] Castitatis: So impersonal[21:57] Jumpman Lane: ur ol pal prok gloried in it hehehe[21:57] Emuisshere: we like stories[21:58] Castitatis: Oh gawd lol not prok[21:58] Jumpman Lane: yeah right u wouldnt be here otherwise[21:58] Jumpman Lane: ;[21:58] Jumpman Lane: p[21:58] Jumpman Lane: ;[21:58] Jumpman Lane: p[21:59] Jumpman Lane: but ill tard along me and canneh are bored[21:59] Jumpman Lane: http://secondthoughts.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2011/09/stroker-serpentines-public-meltdown.html[21:59] Jumpman Lane: and ur pal pix hehehe[22:00] Jumpman Lane: she revelled in it too[22:00] Jumpman Lane: http://alphavilleherald.com/2011/09/jumpman-lane-the-kang-of-second-life.html[22:00] Emuisshere: I have no idea what you are talking about highness[22:01] Emuisshere: I dont follow blogs[22:01] Emuisshere: never did[22:01] Jumpman Lane: sure ya dont?[22:01] Emuisshere: yup[22:01] Jumpman Lane: hehehehe not even when ur in them?[22:01] Castitatis: I think he thinks you’re someone else Emu[22:01] Emuisshere: I guess[22:02] Jumpman Lane: i dont know WHO u are but i can guess who u were[22:02] Castitatis: O.o[22:02] Emuisshere: I doubt it[22:02] Castitatis: How presumptious[22:02] Jumpman Lane: or pal around with :P[22:02] Emuisshere: I usually stick to sandboxes[22:02] Castitatis: I usually stick to RL lol[22:02] Emuisshere: long story short.. we saw your huge house and decided to check it out[22:03] Jumpman Lane: ur kiddin[22:03] Emuisshere: no?[22:03] Jumpman Lane: umk hehehe i’ll tard along[22:03] Emuisshere: is that so hard to believe lol.. that is what we do for fun[22:03] Emuisshere: walk the mainland[22:03] Jumpman Lane: kinda lol[22:04] Emuisshere: how so?[22:04] Jumpman Lane: u pick some strange avis :P[22:04] Jumpman Lane: emi looks like a lil tizzers[22:04] Castitatis: Says the man who would have to eat hndreds of grams of protein a day to keep his sahpe[22:04] Jumpman Lane: nope just cut out the carbs hehehe[22:05] Jumpman Lane: eek werk out 6 days a w[22:05] Jumpman Lane: eek[22:05] Emuisshere: o.o why are you so hostile?[22:05] Castitatis: Tizzer
A person with Autism.
That dude has no social skills, he is such a fucking Tizzer.
by Tizzer January 28, 2010[22:05] Castitatis: shrug[22:05] Jumpman Lane: tizzers foxchase[22:05] Castitatis: Who’s that[22:06] Jumpman Lane: u tell me lol[22:06] Jumpman Lane: google it[22:06] Emuisshere: we have no fucking idea o.o[22:06] Castitatis: I can’t tell you something I don’t know… have you hit your head sir?[22:06] Jumpman Lane: umk hehehehe[22:06] Jumpman Lane: google can lol[22:07] Jumpman Lane: wel take a tour of the house lol[22:07] Castitatis: So who is this person to you? Why are you so obsessed with her/him/it?[22:08] Jumpman Lane: i got ims[22:08] Jumpman Lane: o i think hes dead[22:08] Emuisshere: rl dead?[22:08] Jumpman Lane: committed suicide hehehe[22:08] Emuisshere: lol[22:08] Jumpman Lane: yup[22:08] Jumpman Lane: :)[22:08] Emuisshere: why did you assume we were him/her?[22:08] Jumpman Lane: every man dies[22:08] Jumpman Lane: not tizzers lol[22:08] Castitatis: O.o[22:09] Castitatis: So which is it lol[22:09] Jumpman Lane: im sure hesalive and kickin lol[22:09] Emuisshere: again.. why did you assume we are them?[22:09] Emuisshere: you dont get visitors often?[22:09] Castitatis: People like this make me miss W-Hat and Woodbury T_T[22:10] Jumpman Lane: ohh random noobs wandering hru but ya see they’d be touring the house by now[22:10] Jumpman Lane: hehehe[22:10] Jumpman Lane: see[22:10] Emuisshere: we are interested in people[22:10] Emuisshere: not objets[22:10] Jumpman Lane: oh im jus’ a lil lane hehehe[22:10] Castitatis: You seem to be confused. You see, SL is a place where lots of people roam around a virtual world… so it stands to reason that random visitors should be common[22:11] Jumpman Lane: why i dont have ban lines[22:11] Jumpman Lane: this plae should be a museum[22:11] Castitatis: You tell me[22:11] Jumpman Lane: i let random tards wandr in alla time[22:11] Emuisshere: are you calling us random tards?[22:11] Jumpman Lane: but…theyd be tourng the house by now[22:12] Castitatis: Well the internet did say tizzers had autism and he called us tizzers[22:12] Castitatis: so Yes?[22:12] Jumpman Lane: nope ur griefers hehehe[22:12] Castitatis: …[22:12] Emuisshere: how are we griefers ?[22:12] Jumpman Lane: random tards would be touring the house by now hehehe[22:12] Castitatis: So because we arent retards, we must be greifers?[22:12] Jumpman Lane: caws we’re grieving i unoo hehhe[22:12] Castitatis: Dat logic doe[22:14] Jumpman Lane: Tizzy always looked cute in that lil school gal out ft to ad he was a guy[22:14] Emuisshere: oh god enough with the outfit[22:14] Castitatis: Ohhhh kay…[22:14] Jumpman Lane: kinda comon lol[22:14] Castitatis: Let’s go lol He’s got no interesting stories[22:14] Emuisshere: nope[22:14] Emuisshere: sir[22:15] Jumpman Lane: well pop in anytime hehehe[22:15] Emuisshere: you are an idiot. thought someone should tell you[22:15] Jumpman Lane: lol

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