Little Miss Trix here, once again with an earful of fashion news for you!

This month has been full of hunts and sales events. I ran through quite a few of them and after 4 days of lag, obnoxious people and listening to my entire music collection, I can safely say I am exhausted.

And upset.

When I discovered fashion on the grid back when I started in 2005, you could get the top styles at little or no cost. If you had a few lindens on you, you could get a higher quality garment that made you look fab. In other words, you could look like a million bucks for literally no money at all.

When treasure hunts were integrated into our world, it was a godsend for people who really didn’t have the funds to invest but loved it.

Not everyone is made for stripping or escorting and even trying to be a DJ, although we are bombarded with wannabes, is almost destined for failure.

So how did I keep myself looking good 10 years ago when my tip jar at the strip club was empty? You guessed it, hunts and group gifts.

It seems those days are coming to an end as I found out this past week.

As customary, I ran through the newest round of Hunt for Your Inner Slut, organized by the amazing SufferingFrom Lockjaw and honestly, through no fault of Suff’s or her assistants, I was more than disappointed in the work put out by the majority of the designers. So much so, I couldn’t even pick an outfit I could like enough to post in this article.

I still highly recommend this hunt to everyone as I know there will be a huge rotation of stores for the next round and the furniture in this round was top notch with custom poses and animations made just for the event. But the moment I unpacked one box and saw a FLEXI SKIRT staring back at me I wanted to cry. It felt like I got transported to 2009 again. And if any of you girls are like me, the vision of an asshole ex boyfriend just popped in your head.

And it just wasn’t this hunt. I ran through a few of the summer hunts these past few months and it was just a mess of unorganized slop. We are providing these designers with much needed traffic when we have to spend over a half an hour to an hour at times because they’ve decided to plant tons of decoys to make it harder to find their prize, the least they could do is put a tiny bit of effort in making something that will make their brand shine through and create new customers for them. I’m not asking them to make the same kind of outfit they would charge 500L for but at least something that can carry their name with pride. Something that will make that hunter want to come back and buy something in the future.

Between flex prims, gift cards (Come on people! Couldn’t you at least try?), and full perm mesh with a texture slapped on it (I found at least 5 in just two hunts!), it seems as though we just aren’t trying anymore.

I loved hunts. I did them religiously, raved over my favorite pieces and wore them with the same passion I would the dress my then sugar daddy would buy me for 1K.

Don’t get me wrong, if I see something I really like that’s expensive, I will buy it if I have the money, but it is nice to have a little something simple there for those who can’t afford it. It may not fill your wallet but it will make your name stand out as one who cared enough.

So, with that said, I did manage to take a few pics of some things I picked up at the new round of Whore Couture and September’s Luxe Box. Although honestly, I’m seeing the prospect of just going around naked a rather tempting option for awhile. Because we all know a naked body will always be the hottest fashion trend.

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