Them pesky Lindens led by Lab CEO Ebbe Linden would have you believe that virtual reality is the “next big thing coming” on our lil Internet. As Second Life has lasted all these years DESPITE the intrusive meddling from our “L” last-named game gods, Ebbe would have you believe that LL stands at the forefront of virtual worlds. I unno, I’m jus’ a lil’ Lane, but to be the last loaf  clogging the toilet doesn’t make you the best turd in the stool.

It would seem the Ebbe has some ideas about how to revitalize Second Life society by once again zeroing in on their Feted Inner Core: The Content Creators. Ebbe believes that if land was just a lil bit cheaper, EVERYBODY would be a content creator. This ignores several interesting facts of our lil virt world. First, the world is ALREADY made. Gone are the heady days of yore, the magical years of 2003 when men like Juro Kothari created masterpieces in prim. We are still living in The Bling Tard Age which started in late 2006 to early 2007. This is a time when residents take a ready made world and strive to gain STATUS with in it. People want to look good and seem cool while they tard about socializing with their turdy pals whether role playing their nerdy lil hearts out in some fantasy dump, cuddling their Zooby prim babies behind white picket fences in their pg cuddle-dump sims, or pixel-humping all and sundry with their highly crafted mesh cocks in murky dens of porndom. These saps CONSUME they done create.

Ebbe Linden, CEO Linden Lab

People DO make things in Second Life. Yet these content creators aren’t WORLD BUILDERS. They are ACCESSORIZERS.   They make the trash Bling Tards need to look good getting through their day. Don’t get me wrong. Vasts sums of monies are being made, monies Linden Lab has gotten their hands on as yet. The Lab’s bread and butter has been server farms, selling space in SL on their servers.  They call it the “land business.” They also have managed to stay afloat through micro-transactions on their currency exchange. Charging a few pennies on every transaction changing Linden dollars to real world currency and back again. Ebbe’s grand scheme is to LOWER the “price” of “land” keeping the server profits at least stable by making it up in volume-i.e. getting MORE land in the hands of residents and more residents into premium (paying) accounts. Further, he plans to “tax” every sale of goods in Second Life dipping a pesky Linden finger into the pie of SL’s economy gomming the content creators profits, ultimately inflating the cost of every THING in SL as that cost of doing business is passed along to the consumer.

Now Lindens ARE pesky. They are good businessmen too. They GOMMED xstreet driving all online purchasing to their on Market Place. They shutdown the other currency exchanges driving forcing everyone to buy and sell their Linden Dollars from and to them, effectively ending the free market value of the Linden Dollar.

So, would YOU put it past The Lab to offer the pie in the sky DREAM of better rendering, scalability (more than 40 avatars on one sim at a time), LESS LAG, cheap land, a few pats on the head to their FIC content creators while sneaking in a new TAX on every purchase made in Second Life? I wouldn’t.

When Sansar fails (as it most probably will) Second Life will remain; AND Linden Lab will WIN (as it always does) because The Lab will have smuggled in their new tax with no muss and very little fuss. People fall off of cutting edges. Shit people get CUT by cutting edges. Yet, Linden Lab has not only survived and thrived all these years by filching a few pennies here and there MICRO-TRANSACTIONS…those pesky server farmers :p